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OkAuction : Online Auction on Top-Quality Products!

Bid on a diverse selection of products in our upcoming auctions, laptops, headphones, electronics, clothes, baby stuff, and more!

Why to bid in OkSouQ's Online Auctions?

Happy bidder in front of his computer

Awesome Savings

Win high-quality products at competitive prices. Bid on products way cheaper than usual, and then getting them for even less at an exciting online auction!

Judge with excited bidding participants

Exciting Bidding

Experience the adrenaline rush of bidding and score amazing finds. Try to be the winner to take advantage of incredible deals on your favorite products.

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Secure Platform

Our online auctions demonstrate OkSouQ's commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction, as certified by Theqa Program. 

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Wide Variety

Bid on a diverse range of products from top brands. Diverse product categories: electronics, fashion, tools, kitchenware and more!

How do I participate in an OkSouQ's Online Auction?

Choose your desired auction

Check the live auctions and choose one

Place your bid

You must log in to your account to bid

Win the Auction

Outbid others and secure your desired items


Complete your purchase with a hassle-free payment process

Get your item

Sit back and relax as we deliver your winning items right to your doorstep.

Current Live Auctions

There aren't any live auctions happening right now. Stay tuned for upcoming events!

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 Online Auction FAQ

What exactly is an auction?

An auction is a competitive marketplace where buyers bid against each other for the right to purchase an item. The highest bidder, when the bidding ends, wins the item.

How are online auctions different from traditional auctions?

Online auctions offer several advantages, including convenience (bid from anywhere!), wider audience (potentially find buyers worldwide!), and greater transparency (detailed descriptions, bidding history, etc.). They often have lower costs associated with buying and selling as well.

What makes OkSouQ Online Auctions unique?

OkSouQ auctions feature products already at significantly lower prices than market value, with the chance to score them even cheaper. We often offer bundles of exciting products, prioritize transparency, and allow you to choose between card or cash on delivery. Additionally, we feature premium items at incredibly low prices.

How do I participate in an OkSouQ Online Auction?

1- Visit the auction page and choose your desired auction.

2- Create an account on OkSouQ.

3- Place your bid, keeping in mind the minimum bid increments based on the current price (see blog post for details).

Please note that there is an automatic extension system to ensure fair competition.

Remember, the highest bidder wins, but all items have a reserve price that may not be met.

I have more questions, where can I find more information?

You can visit the OkSouQ website or app for further details and FAQs. Don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service for any additional inquiries. Send us a message on WhatsApp through this number 5140 4050, or send an email to

Happy bidding and good luck finding your next treasure on OkSouQ!

Want to learn more about how our auctions work? Check out our Auction Policy for all the details, or refer to this auction guide for more instructions and answers to common questions.